Email Advice

Have a quick question that you need an answer to? Send us an e-mail at with “e-mail advice” in the subject line, and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner. Our e-mail advice service is complimentary (within a reasonable amount of e-mail communication).


Want to really get things going with your organizations media? We offer a consultation service that includes an analysis of your current media structure, future needs as well as a projected development timeline on how to grow and fit the resources necessary to fulfill the needs of your company. Our consultation process was developed and monitored by numerous experts in a variety of new media fields. To discuss packages, pricing options and availability for a Salam Consultation, e-mail with “consultation” in the e-mail subject line.


Proper and effective training is needed to successfully produce media & market any organization. Our team here at Salam Studios has the veteran experience, as well as the fresh ideas based off of current web, video, & marketing trends. Our training option includes a full consultation of your organization (assessment and analysis) as well coaching on production methods. If you’re interested in enhancing your companies marketing & media quality, e-mail us at with “training” in the subject line.